A quick bookcase...

So there's this guy, let's call him Dave.  Because that's his name.  Recently he asked me to build him a bookcase for his studio.  Nothing special, inexpensive, but something cool.  Here's what happened:

Since budget was a big factor, I used sanded B/C construction grade plywood.  It's basically a little nicer grade of house sheathing.  Although it's great to work with beautiful, pristine materials, I also love the challenge of making something beautiful with utilitarian materials.  

The corners are mitered, glued and cross nailed with masonry nails, which have a thick, irregular head.  The heads are set just on the surface, not driven home.  Sorta like a row of rivets on a steel bridge.  It's not traditional joinery, but it's strong and interesting and quick.  Fits in with the whole industrial vibe.  The feet are blocks cut from an LVL beam, so they match the plywood edge perfectly.  

And now, some results...

I usually don't use before-and-after shots but here I think it is fitting.  

Once upon a time there was a fireplace in a wall in a room.  And it needed help.

The design constraints were wide open, but the budget wasn't.  It was a perfect opportunity to break out some discarded crates!  

A little industrial, rustic, modern wall treatment.  The crates were made of poplar, so I cooked up some stain from old coffee that Asbury Park Roastery was throwing out.


And since there was room inside the wall, who could resist building some hidden cabinetry as well?