Reclaimed wood

Continuing the reclaimed theme for a moment...

Here are a couple of closets that got very fast, useful, and cost effective makeovers.  You might recognize those shipping crates again...

The doors here have been clad in whitewashed old slats from those crates.  The closet interiors are made from (relatively inexpensive) common grade pine boards.  The little bins hug on the inside of the doors are made from the old crates.  Projects like these go rather quickly, don't cost all that much, and can make a huge difference in how you experience getting a pair of socks in the morning.  Drop me a line if you think something like this would make sense in your home. :)

And now, some results...

I usually don't use before-and-after shots but here I think it is fitting.  

Once upon a time there was a fireplace in a wall in a room.  And it needed help.

The design constraints were wide open, but the budget wasn't.  It was a perfect opportunity to break out some discarded crates!  

A little industrial, rustic, modern wall treatment.  The crates were made of poplar, so I cooked up some stain from old coffee that Asbury Park Roastery was throwing out.


And since there was room inside the wall, who could resist building some hidden cabinetry as well?