Charms Building

Something random for the weekend

A blog called The Online Photographer that I read regularly sometimes does something called Open Mike, where the post is something of interest and worth, but has nothing to do with the usual subject matter.  I like the idea, and I wish it were mine.  Alas.

A few years ago, I was out for a night run and saw the building in the photo below.  It was called the Charms Building.  It was built as an Elks Lodge in 1914 and later occupied by the Charms Candy Company in the 40's.  

It's in Asbury Park, NJ (where I live) and had  been slated for demolition.  Apparently that had begun earlier in the day, but night had come too soon for the job to be completed.  I cut my run short to go home and get my camera, and spent some time that night in 18° temps and 20+ mph winds to try and make a good photo.  It's the second best photo I've made.