Acting like a photographer...

And now for a photographic diversion...


When I was growing up this was the very busy regional depot of a dairy. Not much milk or ice cream has passed over the loading dock lately.

The Old Dairy

Here is a place I frequented as a kid in the woods behind my parent's house.  Yes, it's a big sewer main over a polluted little stream.  Hey, It's New Jersey, you do with what you've got.  Anyway, that sewer pipe served as a bridge to the other side of the woods.  I remember quite a few lunches eaten while sitting over that stream.  Later, in high school, it became a shortcut through the woods to get to the field where track practice was held.  

The Sewer Pipe

I've got a few other photos here.  I hope you enjoy them.  If you have any interest in prints (or prints with custom frames), drop me a line.