It took me about ten years and five attempts before I finally made a toolbox that I was satisfied with.  Below is the result of what I learned from each of the previous attempts.  It's made from an old pine board that used to be a part of my great grandfather's potato harvesting wagon.  (That fact alone makes it the best toolbox I've ever made.)  Anyway, a picture:

This toolbox has always gotten a lot of attention, and from more than just tradesmen.  I've long felt that a lot of people would like a similar toolbox.  For tools of course, but also for other stuff.  Recently I made a batch of toolboxes out of some amazing weathered cedar fence pickets.  They're essentially boxes made for holding and carrying stuff, so use your imagination.  Magazines, kids' blocks, a potted herb garden, old photographs, mittens, picnic supplies... oh, yeah, and tools!  (Filled with tools, it makes one of the best housewarming gifts a new homeowner could get.)

The three pictured below are still available.  They are available through my etsy store.  I will be making small batches of these from time to time as my schedule allows.  Of course, if enough people want to put in orders, I'll be happy to oblige.